Khovsgol Dairy Project

The aim of the project is to build and establish a Dairy facility owned by an cooperative of nomadic herders in the area of the village Khatgal, Khovsgol province in the northern Mongolia. The aim is to improve the local herders possibility to produce milk products of a high quality that can be sold to a third party. As it is now, the herders can only sell their products locally and in a short period, because of the traditional and primitive storage and production methods. Building a Dairy facility with international standards for food safety and hygiene, will improve the possibility for the herders to sell their products outside the village to the bigger city’s where there are potential costumers. The products will mainly be traditional Mongolian milk products, supporting the Mongolian lifestyle and creating a livelihood and job opportunities for the local herders.

The project is a collaboration between Danish Architects without Borders, Dairy without Borders, ecoLeap Foundation and the cooperative of nomadic herders Sarlagiin Saikhan Khishig.

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